Customer Stories Meet Emily and Kenly - Minnesota

Kenly had her first night terror at 2 years old. I didn’t know what was going on at first, so I asked around and did some research on my own. I learned that she was having night terrors. She would scream and cry for up to 30 minutes straight, usually occur 45 minutes after she fell asleep. These were tough, but I was optimistic. They were only occurring once per month. My pediatrician told me not to worry, she said they would go away. But then they didn’t…and they became more frequent.

Worrying and losing sleep

The night terrors also became more severe. I became worried Kenly might even hurt herself during the events. One night, we were at our cabin and my daughter was sleeping in our loft. She almost fell out of the loft as moving around during a night terror. I have never been so terrified for her in my life and I became worried about her safety.

Can't find a solution

I put bells on her door so I could hear her in case she left her bedroom. Despite this, I was still constantly stressed about Kenly. It started to take me longer to fall asleep as I would worry, “why are these happening to her”? When Kenly had a night terror, I would have to run to comfort her during the event and wait until it stopped. I would be so concerned that I would end up sleeping in her twin bed the rest of the night! 

We discovered Lully

Then we started using Lully. We were one of the first families to use Lully, and I definitely didn’t think it would work.  But, after having night terrors nightly for years, I was amazed that it worked from the first night!

Our whole family gets our lives back

We used Lully for 4 weeks straight, and after having nearly nightly night terrors, there were only 2 total in 4 weeks! On top of this, I was able to fall asleep much better because I was more at ease and had less worry and concern. I was finally able to sleep in my own bed, all night, every night.

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