Resource Center Dream Talk: How to Explain Dreams to Your Child

"What are dreams?” your child might ask you one morning over breakfast. What do you answer? After all, dreams are one of the big mysteries of life, and there is no simple answer. How do you approach a topic that philosophers and psychologists have spent their life’s work examining? 

Our first piece of advice is to let your child know their dreams, nightmares and night terrors are perfectly normal, and they’re nothing to worry about. Point out when your family pet is having dreams so they can see that they’re a common part of life.

To further explain what happens in our minds at night, we’ve created a simple, fun graphic that you can look over with your child. Lully explains in kid-friendly terms just what dreams, nightmares and night terrors are. 

If your child has any follow-up questions that stump you or your partner, feel free to hit us up on Twitter at @lullysleep. (Also, please do send us any cute/heartwarming stories that may come out of this discussion. We love hearing them.)

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