Resource Center Sleep IQ: Teach Your Child About Healthy Sleep Habits to Improve Their Sleep IQ

What does your child know about sleep? Do they understand that too little sleep can affect their mood and their memory, or do they believe bedtime is just an end to nightly fun? It’s hard to know what ideas and information your child has collected, even about something as simple-seeming as sleep! 

That’s why we created this Sleep IQ Quiz. We designed it with two goals in mind. First, it tests their knowledge about sleep so you can find out what they already understand, and what you can help teach them for the first time. Second, it teaches them about healthy sleep habits and the benefits of a good night’s rest. You can use the quiz to get a better sense of their thinking, and talk them through any questions that might come up. 

To help you dive deeper into some of the topics covered in the quiz, we have plenty of kid-friendly resources available. If your child has trouble falling asleep, check out these 5 easy Sleep Tricks for getting the body and mind ready for rest. Or maybe you need help explaining dreams, nightmares and night terrors to your child. Our printable Sleep Talk guide offers clear definitions in terms kids can easily understand.  

If you or your child have unanswered questions, ask away on Twitter at @lullysleep 

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