About Us

Lully began creating solutions for sleep disorders in 2013, when co-founders Andy Rink, MD, and Varun Boriah, MS, met at the Stanford Biodesign Program.

A father and physician, Rink grew up in a family plagued by night terrors. So after his residency at Northwestern, he began doing research at Stanford to understand and find a solution for night terrors. Boriah, a skilled medical device innovator and former CEO of CardioCanary, immediately saw the potential in solving this problem for families. By combining findings from prior studies, they developed a cutting-edge idea for ending night terrors.

Drawing upon their mix of medical knowledge and tactical experience, Rink and Boriah teamed up with leading sleep physicians at Stanford University to turn their idea into reality. With the learnings from their research in hand, Rink and Boriah left Stanford and founded Lully. The company’s first product, the Lully Sleep Guardian, went on to revolutionize how doctors and parents overcome night terrors.

Today, the San Francisco, CA-based Lully team continues to dream big, developing a range of products that bring sweeter sleep to children worldwide.