The Lully Sleep Guardian

One Device. Two options to suit your budget and needs.

New Sleep Guardian 2

Turns vibrations on and off automatically, meaning parents get more sleep!
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Sleep Guardian

The first, proven method for stopping night terrors, with manual vibration controls.
Apple (iOS) Only


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How It Works
Automatic Vibrations
Vibrations turn on automatically to stop night terrors. That means you get to stay asleep!
Senses When Your Child Moves
Advanced sensors detect when your child stirs, turning off the vibrations.
Turns Off Automatically
Once your child moves, the Sleep Guardian turns itself off.
Turn On Vibrations Manually
A reminder on your phone lets you know when it‘s time to turn on the vibrations.
Monitor Your Child for Movement
Observe your child to see when they‘re moving in bed. Then turn on the Sleep Guardian.
Turn Off Vibrations Manually
Using the app, turn off the Sleep Guardian. Then you can go back to bed!
Advanced Features
Multiple Device Connectivity
You, your partner, or even your babysitter can control the Sleep Guardian 2.
Sleep Dashboard with Weekly Metrics
Helps you gain a deep understanding of how your child‘s sleep is progressing.
Sleep Journal
Lets you take notes and rate the severity of any remaining night terrors.
Features not available in this version.

Scientifically proven to stop night terrors.

Lully stands behind the Sleep Guardian and its results. Pediatrician recommended and proven to stop nearly 80% of night terrors after just 4 weeks.