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Do you ever hear friends or colleagues talk about what great sleepers their kids are and wonder how that is even possible? For many of us, our kids have just as much trouble with sleep as we did as kids, from nightmares to fear of the dark to insomnia. Then, when you add in scary TV shows and sleepovers, it can feel like you need a whole playbook just to help your child sleep.   

It’s important to empower your child to take their sleep into their own hands and develop strategies they can use anywhere. That’s why we made this friendly, fun printable that you can talk through with them or tape to their wall. It includes several coping strategies for everything from sleepovers to nightmares.  



- A journal can help quell racing thoughts at night.  

- Bedtime yoga settles the mind and body for peaceful sleep. Tell your child to hug their knees on their bed while listening to their breath. They can also lay on their back and imagine a wishing star as a form of meditation.  

- Sleepovers can be especially tricky. Try having a campout with your child in the living room to get them used to sleeping outside of their own bed.  

- Remind your child that nightmares are not a predictor of actual scary events to come.   

- Fear of the dark can often be a result of an overactive imagination. Try adding white noise to their room so they don’t hear every sound in your house at night.


We hope these strategies help your child! If you have any more questions, ask us on Twitter at @lullysleep.

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