Resource Center Your Child’s Sleep Needs, Year by Year

Watching your child grow and experience new developmental stages is one of the most amazing experiences you’ll ever have. Childhood is a series of miraculous “firsts,” each more special than the last.   

Sleep is not without its own special milestones. After all, the first time your child sleeps all the way through the night, you’ll probably feel like jumping for joy. Wait until your child starts putting themselves to bed instead of needing one more kiss, one more story, or one more cuddle! You’ll never believe what a relief it is when your little one becomes an independent sleeper.  

We’ve broken down the developmental stages of sleep into a simple graphic that makes them easy to chart out and understand.   

Highlights of the common sleep stages: 

Newborn to 1 Year Old 

Welcome to a brand new world of intermittent sleep! Babies sleep a lot, but usually not for long due to their little tummies being unable to hold much milk. Your baby should be sleeping through the night between 3 and 6 months of age.   

1 to 3 Years Old 

Abundant naps and 11-14 hours of sleep per night are normal for toddlers. Active kids may start climbing out of their cribs at night, so make sure your toddler goes to bed calm. They may also feel tempted to crawl in bed with you. Try your best not to give in, and bring them back to their room. This can feel hard, but it will help them develop healthy sleeping habits!  

3 to 6 Years Old 

Fear of the dark starts to creep in. Beyond that, problems like bedwetting, night terrors and sleepwalking may pop up, too. For night terrors, try the Lully Sleep Guardian 2. It can to stop up to 80% of them within just weeks, all while letting you sleep through the night.   

6 to 10 Years Old 

Hoorah! In this period, your child will start learning how to put themselves to sleep. Although bedtime tends to get a little later, you won’t have to spend as much time easing them into sleep, which is especially helpful if you have younger children. Naps should mostly stop by 6 years of age, which is nothing to worry about. It may be tempting to sleep in during the weekend, but that can throw sleep cycles off for the whole family.   

10 to 12 Years Old 

Kids at this age group need 9-11 hours of sleep per night, although that isn’t always the reality. Piles of homework and hours of extracurriculars can mean evenings start to get long. Make sure your older child isn’t developing a caffeine habit if you want them to get their best sleep. This is the age when soda and even sugary coffee shop drinks can start to creep into their diet.  

We hope we helped you learn something new about your child’s sleep! Drop us a line if you have any questions about getting the best sleep for your child and your whole family. Just tweet us at @lullysleep and we’d be happy to help!  



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