Turn Night terrors into sweet dreams.

Now you can stop night terrors before they start. The Lully Sleep Guardian’s gentle vibrations interrupt the sleep patterns that lead to night terrors. It’s scientifically proven to eliminate 80% of terrors in just 4 weeks—without disrupting your child’s sleep.

Is my child experiencing night terrors?

Your child is showing the telltale signs of night terrors if he or she wakes in the night and:

  • Is inconsolable
  • Cries, screams, or yells, like a temper tantrum
  • Doesn’t remember the episode the next morning
  • Has episodes that last 5-30 minutes and happen less than 4 hours after bedtime—usually around the same time each night

If these signs don’t describe your child’s episodes, the Sleep Guardian may not be right for you.

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Meet The Sleep Guardian

The Sleep Guardian is a small vibrating pod that you tuck below your child’s mattress. Once each night, it vibrates for less than 3 minutes, causing your child to stir without waking up. As you use the Sleep Guardian, it learns when the night terrors strike and customizes its timing. Night terrors stop, and your child stays in a smooth sleep pattern.
  • 1 time per night
  • 3 minutes or less

A small action in the evening lets everyone sleep better at night.

  1. About an hour after your child goes to sleep—and always before 11pm—you’ll get a notification on your iPhone or iPad that it’s time to turn on the Sleep Guardian.
  2. Get a clear view of your child, and turn on the Sleep Guardian. To avoid fully waking your child, turn off the Sleep Guardian as soon as you see your child begin to move or shift. You can change the intensity of the vibrations to accommodate your child’s sensitivity.
  3. Each morning, record what happened the night before. Based on this information, the smart algorithm adjusts its timing and notifies you to turn on the Sleep Guardian the moment your child needs it.

A surprisingly Simple Solution Based on Rigorous Science

  • Tested and Proven

    In a landmark clinical study with Stanford University, the Sleep Guardian stopped 80% of night terrors after only 4 weeks of use.

  • Doctor-Recommended

    Top sleep specialists and pediatricians recommend the Sleep Guardian over medications or simply waiting.

  • Safe

    The Sleep Guardian has thousands of nights of testing and exceeds Consumer Product Safety Commission Standards. It is 1,200 times weaker than most mobile phone radio waves.

“There are limited options currently for night terrors, but the Sleep Guardian is very exciting as the first non-medication solution for night terrors sufferers.”

Dr Mark Mahowald Stanford University

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30-Day Unconditional Return Policy.

Lully stands behind the Sleep Guardian and its results. You may return the product for any reason—you’ll even receive a free return label.

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