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Losing Sleep Over Night Terrors?

What about a medication? Set an alarm to wake them. Wait it out. They’ll outgrow it. These common night terror solutions may sound familiar to you, but do any of them actually work? Here are the pros and cons of some of the most common approaches.   


It may seem tempting to get a prescription written for this problem, but it’s probably not necessary. There are more natural ways to deal with night terrors—that’s why doctors only recommend medications in the most extreme situations. 

Scheduled Awakenings

This is a solution that has been historically recommended to parents. A scheduled awakening involves waiting until a couple hours after your child falls asleep, and then going into their room and gently waking them. This often interrupts the sleep pattern that leads to a night terror. As you can see, this can take a lot of work on the parents’ part, and may disturb a child’s sleep. Not only does your child need a peaceful night’s rest, but you do too! Getting out of bed every night to wake them up is not an ideal sleeping scenario.  

Waiting It Out

In the past, doctors have suggested “waiting it out,” since most children outgrow night terrors. But, let’s face it. As a parent, this approach can become frustrating and exhausting, not just for you, but for your whole family. 

Rest Assured, There’s a Better Way 

Our Sleep Guardian 2 is a time-tested approach to night terror prevention that fits seamlessly into your life. To get started, you simply plug in the device and place it under your child’s mattress. Next, download the Lully app and tell it about your child’s sleep so it can vibrate at the perfect time. Then, its smart sensors detect when your child stirs, indicating it’s time to turn off without waking them. We designed the brand new Sleep Guardian 2 to feature automatic vibration technology that means you get to sleep right through the night! 

Finally, waiting it out can wait, and you’re back to sleeping on your schedule! 

So, Does The Sleep Guardian Actually Work? 

It’s safe, easy, and effective. All of this might sound too good to be true, right? In order to test the Sleep Guardian’s effectiveness, we conducted a study designed in collaboration with Stanford University. The test proved that the device stopped up to 80% of night terrors after only a few weeks. For some children, it stopped night terrors completely. We’d call that a slumber success! Today, thousands of parents use the Lully Sleep Guardian night after night. Want a little more proof? See what your fellow guardians have to say about it! 

Meet the Sleep Guardian

The first, scientifically-proven, non-medicated treatment for night terrors.

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