Resource Center Night Terrors: Myths vs. Facts

What are night terrors? There are plenty of myths out there. The biggest one is that night terrors are just a really upsetting type of nightmare, one that makes a child scream, cry or even sleepwalk. The truth is, night terrors are their own class of nighttime phenomenon, and the better you understand them for what they are, the more equipped you’ll be to deal with them.

To make that easy, we laid out some of the most common myths vs. facts.


Myth 1:

Night terrors and nightmares are the same.


Night terrors are actually not a type of nightmare. Characterized by crying, screaming or even sleepwalking, night terrors happen at a different sleep stage than dreams. You’ll know your child is having a night terror if they are impossible to console and are moving around as if in a trance. Another sign is that your child won’t remember night terrors in the morning, but will likely remember a scary nightmare.  

Myth 2:

There’s nothing you can do about night terrors. Your child will just have to grow out of them.


The Lully Sleep Guardian can stop 8 out of 10 night terrors before they start. Learn how it works here. Even better, the Sleep Guardian 2 vibrates automatically, meaning you get to sleep through the night. 

Myth 3:

Night terrors happen in short phases that tend to clear up quickly.


Unfortunately, night terrors can carry on for years, and even last into adulthood. There’s no reason to wait when it comes to shutting down night terrors. Think of how much sleep your whole family is losing consoling your little one who is suffering through something that can be almost completely prevented. If this is happening to your family, see what the Lully Sleep Guardian can do for you!

We hope this helped you learn more about night terrors. We created the Lully Sleep Guardian to help families who are losing sleep due to night terrors achieve restful sleep once again. If you have any additional questions, feel free to tweet us at @lullysleep.

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