Customer Stories Meet Edy and Ellie - Atlanta, GA

My daughter, Ellie, was always a good sleeper. She was sleeping through the night when she was 4 months old so I finally I had evenings to relax and have much needed time for myself since I also had a toddler at the time. Then when she was a little over two, she had an occasional night terror. The only reason I knew not to be alarmed was that my older son had them occasionally when he was the same age. His went away on their own, and I believed Ellie’s night terrors would as well.

The night terrors continue, and nothing seems to help

However, I quickly realized that hers were not going away. She would bolt up screaming, sweating, and kicking with her eyes open which was terrifying to witness. If we tried to console her, we would make matters worse. I was extremely worried about Ellie – it was so difficult to watch her go through these, and I was concerned these were affecting her sleep. We were also unable to have much needed night outs since it was very difficult to have babysitters who knew how to handle her night terrors because we did not even know how to handle them. For two years, I tried everything I could to help Ellie sleep peacefully through the night. The only treatment option I found was prescription drugs and that was not an option I was willing to try. We were left with the same suggestion from numerous physicians including a sleep specialist: “wait for them to go away”.

Amazed that Ellie is now sleeping through the night

Finally I found Lully. The device went under Ellie’s bed the first night and I crossed my fingers that we had finally found something that would actually work. The first night Ellie slept through the night without a night terror! My husband and I had a warm dinner together, talked about our day, and watched Homeland on TV, all without being interrupted by Ellie’s night terrors. I finally had control of my evenings again. I hadn’t even realized how stressed I had been but now I could go to sleep at night knowing we had finally found the right solution for Ellie’s night terrors. Most importantly, Ellie was sleeping better than ever.


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