Customer Stories Meet Alex and Hugo - Sydney, Australia

Hugo was a good sleeper as a baby – but at about 3 years old he started having night terrors. My older son had a couple of these when he was about 2.5 so I was familiar with them. Hugo was having these terrors several times a week and sometimes several times a night. Hugo had no recollection of these events and seemed to be doing well at pre-school so I wasn’t too concerned for him. When he turned 4 we seemed to turn a corner and the night terrors became less frequent.  

Parents and brother become affected by Hugo's night terrors

However, when Hugo was 4.5 we had to move for my husband’s work. The terrors came back with a vengence. Hugo got so bad that he was putting himself in danger trying to leave the house, kicking and hitting me, hurting himself by rolling out of bed or walking into furniture and once he even turned the stove on. Some weeks, the night terrors would occur every night. Again they didn’t seem to be affecting Hugo’s health (other than the odd bruise) but they were disturbing his brother and my husband and I. To make sure he didn’t hurt himself I would sit with him during each episode. I felt like I hadn’t had a full night’s sleep in years. The only solution seemed to be to wait till he outgrew it – this did not seem like much of a solution to me. No sleep for several more years? Forget it.

Lully turns things around

Then I came across Lully. Lully went under Hugo’s mattress and was simple to use. Hugo started to sleep right through the night for the first time in months! It was fantastic. After 4 weeks of using Lully, the decline in frequency and severity of Hugo’s night terrors was amazing. We still have the odd terror – and Hugo still sleep talks – but this is all so much more manageable than where we were 6 months ago. A big thank you to Andy and the guys at Lully!

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