How it Works.

The Sleep Guardian 2 takes a time-tested approach to night terror prevention and fits seamlessly into your life.

  1. Just plug in the device and place it under your child’s mattress. Download the Lully app and tell it about your child’s sleep to help it get smarter over time.
  2. Prepare for peaceful sleep! The Sleep Guardian 2 will learn to vibrate at the perfect time. Then, it senses when your child moves, and turns itself off without waking them.
  3. Mark down your child’s progress on our smart dashboard. Its heatmap will show how your child’s night terrors are tapering off week after week. Success!

So What Are Night Terrors?

Night Terrors tend to strike within 2-3 hours of a child falling asleep.

Night terrors differ from nightmares because they occur during non-REM sleep. They tend to happen at the same time every night, meaning The Sleep Guardian can learn just when to stop them.

Many kids eventually grow out of night terrors—but why put your family through that stress for longer than necessary? We’re here to help.

More on Night Terrors

How Do You Stop Night Terrors?

Before a night terror happens, a child experiences a period of disturbed sleep.

Until the Sleep Guardian 2 came around, the go-to way to stop them was called “scheduled awakenings.” These involved a parent coming in the room and gently waking their child. This tactic interrupts the sleep pattern that leads to night terrors, but often requires that parents have to set an alarm for themselves at night.

Automatically Vibrates, So You Can Stay Cozy in Bed.

The Sleep Guardian predicts when this sleep pattern is likely to occur, and emits gentle vibrations to prevent it. This leads to restful, uninterrupted sleep, free of night terrors.

The Sleep Guardian 2 automatically vibrates to prevent night terrors before they start. It learns about your child’s sleep, and vibrates at just the right time. Then, its smart sensors detect when your child stirs, indicating it’s time to turn off. This means your child stays asleep, and you can too!

100% Safe. Proven by Science. Trusted by Parents.

So, does the Sleep Guardian actually work? After suffering through night terrors with your child, a safe, easy solution might sound too good to be true.

The Sleep Guardian was developed using three decades of scientific research into child sleep and night terrors. To make sure our product was as effective as possible, we designed a study with Stanford University to test its effectiveness. This study found that after only 4 weeks of use, the Sleep Guardian stopped up to 80% of night terrors. Best of all, for some children, it stopped night terrors completely.

Now, thousands of parents use the Lully Sleep Guardian night after night. See what they have to say!

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